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The Maremma

The Maremma means also being among people who always welcomes and greets every season the fruits of the earth with a great desire to live together; the traveler will found, all year long, unique atmosphere and charm, always ready to impress.

The coasts are equipped with modern tourist ports, schools, diving lessons are organized throughout the year, frequented by lovers of diving, but you can also find “ Maestri d’ascia”, experts boat builders” bearers of an ancient wisdom that by their own art transmit great love and respect for the sea. 

Feel the fragrance of sea and land throughout the year: in Maremmayou can find that, thanks to trekking and mountain biking that lead to splendid natural terraces and exciting rides. Few other parts of Italy allows to quickly reach the coast charming villages, often legacy of ancient Etruscan and Roman civilizations, or jewels of medieval architecture. 

The Maremma is discovered through the richness of flavors that can offer and skillfully linked to the sea and inland from an old culinary wisdom that goes with the Mediterranean flavors of the oil and the famous DOC wines. You will realize that the Maremma is good for you.


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