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Kingdom of Tufa

The fascinating “Kingdom of Tufa”with its Etruscan settlements of small and medium size, spread along the area of the hills of the Fiora and is a complement and enrich the nature and the colors of the Maremma. It is a wide area of rolling hills, the viscera, echoing the volcanic nature which manifests itself in copious spring thermal waters, with environmental and historic features that make it unique.

The landscape is extraordinarily beautiful: occurrence mighty tuff here and there, surrounded by thick green vegetation, cliffs that fall vertically into the deep valley and in which there are ancient, mysterious tombs, and, finally, the villages clinging to steep slopes with great wineries, caves and tower houses that give rise to a unique profile and unique landscape. 


Excel important traces you can find in Pitigliano and many are the artistic and monumental sites scattered ‘throughout the country even if they are concentrated especially in Sorano and Sovana. Herethe necropolis were excavated in the rock and now included in a natural environment that enhances its charm.



A large monumental tomb site is open to visitors as the most famous “Hildebrand”, described as the masterpiece of all the graves, which represents the transition to the Archaic Etruria next to succumb to Rome and its empire.



Protected and wrapped in thick vegetation are the rock tombs, found near Sorano, almost bare compared to others but just as interesting, which were probably used for raising pigeons or incinerators and later, in Roman and Medieval periods adapted to homes, barns and cellars.


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