Str. Prov. di Talamone est, 28/a
58010 Fonteblanda (GR)
Tel. 0564/884917
Fax 0564/884224

E-mail: info@residencelavenecca.it


The municipal district, rich in many Etruscan settlements, also includes the medieval villages of Pereta and Montiano and the Monastery of St. Bruzio. Surrounded by ancient Senese walls, but also by olive trees, situated on the hills of Maremma, here, the view reaches the sea where you can see the Monte Argentario with its Tomboli di Giannella and Feniglia.

It is a pleasure to walk inside the walls, along the narrow streets, where every corner tells a little’ history. And after visiting this lovely village enjoy the typical cooking of Maremma with its strong tastes and wholesome dishes, all accompanied of course by a good wine.


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