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The natural park

A trip to the Maremma is always a journey into nature. The Maremma is characterized by numerous protected natural areas that provides an insight into the realities and diversity of fauna and botanical, insects and flowers, light and landscapes of this land capable of giving emotions. 

The Nature Reserves are not separated from the rest of the territory, they are symbols of a whole, a province that wants to affirm an overall pattern of life and respect of the balance that nature shows during the times and rhythms marked by the seasons. 

The Natural Park of Maremma, that is extending along the southern stretch of the coast from Principina a Mare to Talamone, close to Uccellina mountains, was one of the first Italian protected areas. Today the Province of Grosseto has been enriched by a local environmental system includes 13 Nature Reserves, 8 Nature Reserves among repopulation, biogenetic and protection, integrals and various WWF oasis, a total of almost 40000 hectares of nature reserves that offer a complex vision of the richness and detail of the natural heritage of the Maremma, in its diversity between the coast and inland, humid areas and mountain peaks. 

The numerous reserves and areas extending from north to south. Visitors, thanks to the numerous marked trails within them, grasp the importance of the interventions implemented to safeguards the beauty of botanical, zoological and geological present.

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